“Our success grew out of our determination to bring Thailand into the modern world. We are committed to contributing to its prosperity and to enhancing the quality of life of its people.” – Samrit Chirathivat, Founder, the Central Group of Companies.


A vital tool driving Central Group’s social responsibility initiative to success.

Commitment – Central Group determines to provide a better quality of life for Thai society.
Awareness – Central Group aims to make society aware of social responsibility.
Rethinking – Central Group always refreshes its social responsibility projects with new ideas.
Encouragement – Central Group encourages all stakeholders to participate in social responsibility activities, and recognizes and admires their contributions.

Central Group is driven to engage with our local and national communities through our social responsibility (SR) activities. SR has now become part of the corporate culture at Central Group. We have established a dedicated social responsibility team to consistently carry out all programs and activities in different areas under the “C.A.R.E” approach.

The four key areas of our social responsibility activities are:

1. Cultural Heritage

2. Social Equity

3. Economic Sufficiency

4. Environment Quality