My Choice Thai


Savour the unique flavor and smell of Monthong Durian from Chanthaburi in a variety of tasty products.


Enjoy delicious mango in many forms. Dried mango or fried mango chips can be enjoyed anywhere anytime.


My Choice Thai has selected the best quality bananas from famous plantations across the country to create a variety of delicious snacks. Natural in fragrance and texture and simply irresistible.


Guaranteed with OTOP 4-5 stars, our variety of tamarind products includes dried seedless tamarind, pickled tamarind, seasoned tamarind balls and chewy tamarind candy. Full of nutrition, all products are made from the best Cultivars of tamarind, which are renowned for their meaty, sweet and sour taste, then processed using the latest technology and kept strictly free of preservatives.


Enjoy the best fruit from across Thailand, processed and carefully packed for your convenience. Guaranteed with OTOP 4-5 stars.


Delicious snacks made from the highest quality ingredients and following authentic Thai recipes. Recognised with OTOP 4-5 star awards.


Full of taste in every bite, these Thai style soft toffees are made from Thai fruits and make an addictive snack.


Savour delicious and 100% authentic longan honey from the only harvest of the year, which takes place during April – May. Amber in colour and without any crystalisation, the longan honey comes with natural sweetness.


Made from Thai organic coconuts, cold-pressed and packed within 2 hours to preserve its natural qualities and nutrients. Certified by BioAgriCert and USDA Organic.


A variety of tasty seafood snacks, all of which have been made to the highest standards using the latest technology to deliver clean and safe products with a delicious natural taste.

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