Tops received the Certificate of Testing Laboratory Accreditation

2         Tops led by Khun Stephane Nith, Head of Risk and Compliance, and Khun Araya Phaoluengtong, Head of Quality Assurance, received the Certificate of Testing Laboratory Accreditation according to the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard for the Central Food Group Laboratory from the Bureau of Laboratory Accreditation, Department of Science Service.

With such a facility, Tops plans to increase the company’s capability to control and monitor the safety of the products it sells through testing and analysis in a standardised laboratory. This action, thus, will improve how customers perceive the quality and safety of the products sold. Additionally, the competitive edge from such an establishment should hasten the company’s journey to becoming the leading player in Thailand’s retail business with comprehensive offerings of safe-to-consume products.

From such a target, the Central Food Group Laboratory will be positioned as the centre for analysing the quality of water, ice and food for branches nationwide. From farmers, suppliers/ importers to own-brand suppliers, food safety will be improved throughout the entire chain. Products that are produced in the branches, as well as cooked and served in Tops, will also be inspected. Most importantly, the quality assurance team with expertise in planning, analysing, and inspecting will specifically monitor the operations. Such initiatives will enable Tops to stay current with the state of food safety.

For further inquiries about laboratory testing services at the Central Food Group Laboratory, contact us at Tel. 02-561-2267.
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