Dried Food

We are proud to be Thailand’s exclusive importer of Waitrose – the quintessential English brand. Enjoy our selection of heavenly tasting chocolate, the best cheeses, delicious and good-for-you organic products, and so much more imports distinguished by extraordinary quality.

essential Waitrose Jam

Did you know 8 strawberries contains your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C? Why not enjoy yours on toast?

essential Waitrose Petits Pois

Our peas and petit pois are frozen within two hours of picking to lock in the sweet flavour.

essential Waitrose Cod Fillet Fish Finger

Line caught responsibly sourced cod fillet in a light crumb.

Seriously From Waitrose Cereals

A unique range of decadent cereals made using the finest ingredients.

essential Waitrose Tea

A characteristically rich tea blended by experts from tea grown by fairtrade certified growers High in fibre and a good source of protein.

essential Waitrose Crunchy Peanut Butter

Waitrose Sliced or Grated Cheese

Our range of grated and sliced cheeses are a perfect easy and convenient option.

Waitrose Cheddar

Made using only English milk, matured for longer to develop a more robust flavour.

essential Waitrose Pasta

Made using a bronze dye to give a rough texture helping the pasta cling to its sauce.

Waitrose Scottish Kipper Fillets

Scottish kipper fillets from sustainable sources certifies by the MSC, smoked in a traditional kiln.

Waitrose Mid-Tier Cookies

A classic cookie made with Belgian chocolate and all butter. No artificial flavourings colouring or preservatives.

essential Waitrose Ketchup

A classic British sauce made with no articucial colourings flavours or preservatives.

essential Waitrose Mayonnaise

Authentic Belgian recipe made using only free range eggs.

Waitrose Ceasar Dressing

Rich ceasar dressing made using the finest ingredients such as free range egg, extra Virgin olive oil and aged parmigiana regiano cheese.

Waitrose No Added Sugar Tonic Water

Made using no artificial flavourings and less that 5 calories per serving to enjoy your favourite tipple guilt free.

Waitrose Shortcrust Pastry Sheets

All butter pastry ready rolled to make the perfect pie or tart.

essential Waitrose Greek Feta

A crumbly feta cheese made to a traditional recipe from sheep and goats milk.

Waitrose Mozzarella & Cherry Tomato Pizza

Made in Italy to a traditional recipe, stone baked for a crisp base using sweet cherry tomatoes.

Waitrose Jelly Babies

A british classic made using real fruit juice. Perfect for kids of all ages.

Waitrose LOVElife Wholewheat Fusilli

Produced using the best Italian wholewheat semolina. Made in the campania in region of Italy.

Waitrose Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil made using a production method that extracts the oil directly from the olive.

essential Waitrose Balsamic Vinegar

A classic traditional tasting balsamic vinegar made in Modena with IGP status meaning it is origin protected.