Waitrose 160 Gold Round Tea Bags 500g.

The teas we use are specially selected from the best tea growing regions of the world, each having a distinctive character and flavour.

Waitrose English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea 125g.

Rich flavoured Assam teas have been combined with bright golden teas from the highlands of Kenya to give a blend that is both strong and refreshing.

Waitrose 50 Ceylon Tea Bags 125g.

Pure Ceylon tea with a smooth and subtle flavour. Smooth & delicate.

Waitrose 50 Assam Tea Bags 125g.

Small leaf tea. The hot and humid climate of the Assam Valley in North India produces a tea noted for its deep colour and rich flavour, which has a hint of malt.

Waitrose 50 Darjeeling Tea Bags 125g.

Small leaf tea from the Himalayan foothills, where the slow growth of the tea bushes results in the famous Darjeeling flavour: delicate and highly distinctive.