Corporate Social Responsibility

Apart from our commitment to the market, Central Food Retail Co., Ltd. also constantly supports social activities at both national and private levels.

Helping Preserve the Ecology with Cloth Bags

We put a strong emphasis on environmental conservation. With our “Go Green, Reuse for Life” campaign, customers get extra points when they bring any cloth bags for their groceries. By encouraging the use of cloth bags, we can one day be plastic-less and make a great impact. In addition to our custom designed cloth bags, our shopping bags are made from biodegradable plastic as well.

Supporting Farmers’ Fresh Produce

Central Food Hall and Tops help sustain farmers’ fresh produce. We want only the freshest of healthy fruits and vegetables for our customers; and thus we only select produce that have been naturally fertilized for all to enjoy all year round.

Working Hand-in-hand with UNICEF

For 12 years, the company has raised over 12 million Baht to bring positive change to underprivileged children in Thailand through UNICEF assisted programs and projects in various locations.