Central The 1 Credit Card


·       Earn up to 3 times The 1 Points(1)

·       Get 6%(2) cash back

Spending/sales slip Cash back (2)
Every 1,200 Baht 4%

(Get 96 Baht maximum cash back / sales slip and up to 480 Baht /primary credit card account throughout the promotion period)

Get extra cash back 420 Baht with a minimum accumulated of purchase 15,000 Baht
(Get maximum extra cash back 420 Baht /primary credit card account throughout the promotion period)

Register once prior to making payment.  Type TOP2 (space) followed by 16-digit card number and send SMS to mobile phone 081-278-2222 and receive SMS confirmation. (Service fees depend on service providers.)


Terms and Conditions 

(1) Reward points are earned on qualifying and participating products in accordance with conditions prescribed by the Company.• Spending via supplementary card(s) will be calculated and accumulated to be reward points of its primary card account. • 3-times rewards points earned under this promotion consist of (i.) 1 time regular reward points received by notifying The 1 number at payment point; and (ii.) 2 additional reward points which will be automatically transferred to The 1 account linked to Central The 1 Credit Card account. • Participating products shall exclude hampers, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, infant formula and follow-on formula powdered milk, CenPay service, gift card, top-up card, internet card, international calling card, products sold at pharmacy, bookstore, rental outlet and food court.• For more information on terms and conditions, please contact customer service or Call Center at 0-2660-1000.

(2) This promotion is applicable to spending per sales slip at all branches of Central Food Hall and Tops market ; but  except spending at rental shops, restaurant, gift voucher, mail-order purchase, spending for commercial purpose, transaction which is not operated via EDC system and spending at www.tops.co.th • Cash back is exclusively provided to those having completely registered via SMS or Uchoose application. Cash back shall be calculated based on the spending that occurs after receipt of SMS confirming a complete registration. • Get cash back 48 Baht when purchase of every 1,200 Baht/sales slip , get maximum cash back is capped at 96 Baht per sales slip and up to 480 Baht per credit card account • Get extra cash back 420  Baht when accumulated minimum of purchase 15,000 baht/sales slip and maximum extra cash back is capped at 420 Baht per credit card account (combining primary card account with the same of supplementary card) throughout the promotion period.• Cash back  will be credited to the primary card  account within 3 days from the transaction. • Cash back cannot be exchanged for and transferred to cash. • The company may recall cash back which have already been given if purchase transaction or payment is cancelled or denied. • Cash back will only be provided to those who are in default on credit card payment until cash back is credited to the account. • The Company mainly adheres to information recorded in its database. Cardholders should keep purchase evidence and sales slip for further verification. • Terms and conditions apply. The Company reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice. For more information please contact staff at point of sale. • In Case of disputes, the company’s decision shall be deemed final. • Credit card service is provided by General Card Services Ltd.