ICBC Supermarket

Period: 1 January – 31 March 2024

Mechanics: Get cash rebate up to THB 1,440 when have spending at participating supermarket at shop or online reaches specific amount.

Spending (THB) / sales slip                      Monday-Friday Cash rebate (THB)               Saturday-Sunday Cash rebate (THB)

1,200 – 2,999                                                                    48                                                                          60

3,000 – 7,999                                                                   135                                                                        165

8,000 or more                                                                400                                                                        480

* Limited cash rebate up to THB 480 / card / month or THB1,440 / card throughout the campaign period.


Spending Conditions:

1. Cash rebate is only reserved for all types of ICBC (Thai) credit card.

2. To receive cash rebate, customers must register via SMS first by typing SUPER (space) followed by the 16 digits of their credit card, then send the SMS to 09 8269 5588 (THB3 SMS fee applies) Please keep the confirmation SMS from the Bank to validate your eligibility.

3. Cash rebate is reserved for 800 cards. The eligibility is on a first-come-first-serve basis based on the order of SMS registration.

4. Each card can only be used for registration once per promotion period.

5. Cash rebate is limited up to THB480 / card / month or THB1,440 / card throughout the promotion period.

6. Cash rebate is for the participating supermarkets both at shop and online (MCC: 5411) as Bank specified as follows: : TOPS, TOPS Online application, website, Gourmet Market, Gourmet Market application, website, Home Fresh mart, Foodland, Foodland application, website, MaxValu, Villa Market, Villa Market Vplus application, website and Central Food Hall.

7. Cash rebate is calculated from the spending occurred at the participating supermarkets which referred to the transaction date only. Definition of weekday means every Monday – Friday and weekend means every Saturday and Sunday.

8. Cash rebate will be credited into credit card in next cardholder’s statement.

9. Cash rebate of primary card and supplementary card will be calculated separately. Extra point of supplementary card will be post on primary card.

10. Cash rebate only reserved for cardholders whose card status is normal with good payment history throughout the promotional period and until the date that cash rebate is credited.

11. Cash rebate cannot be transferred/converted/exchanged into cash. In case of void transaction, the Bank reserves the right to cancel the cash rebate according to the terms and conditions.

12. This promotion cannot be in conjunction with any other promotion of ICBC (Thai) in the same period.

13. The Bank reserves the right to change any terms and conditions/benefits of the campaign by informing the cardholders no less than 30 days in advance. In case of any disagreements/disputes, the Bank’s decision shall be deemed final.

14. ICBC (Thai) has no involvement in goods and services provided. Should there be any problems or questions, please directly contact the merchant.

15. For more information, please contact ICBC (Thai) call center at 0 2629 5588 during business hours (Mon-Fri 08.30-21.00 hrs. / Sat-Sun and public holidays 8.30-17.00 hrs.).