Alipay Phuket Island Card

Campaign Period : 25th September 2019 – 31st March 2020

Campaign Detail: Alipay Phuket Island card contained with discount coupon from Central group including 3 of Tops discount coupons. Chinese tourist can get these discount coupons by going to Alipay Application and find “Phuket Island Card Campaign” section and grab it to your wallet to enjoy discount at Number 1 Supermarket in Thailand.

Participating Stores:

Central Food Hall, Central Patong,
Central Food Hall, Central Phuket Floresta
Central Food Hall, Central Festival Phuket
Tops market Robinson Phuket
Tops daily, Caltex Ngan Tawee Phuket
Tops daily, Limelight Phuket
Tops daily, Yaowarat Phuket
Tops daily, Phun Phon Phuket
Tops daily, Chao Fah
Coupon 1: Discount 15 Baht with minimum spending of 300 or more / receipt
Coupon 2: Discount 150 Baht with minimum spending of 2,000 or more / receipt
Coupon 3: Discount 200 Baht with minimum spending of 2,500 or more / receipt
*Conditions apply for each coupon



  • The purchase price of 300/2,000/2,500 Baht must be net price after deducting discounts.
    • This discount coupon can be use at participating store of Central Food Hall, Tops market and Tops daily.
    • Excluding the following items: wholesale (7 or more items bearing the same barcode/receipt), bulk pack of M-150’s products and Birdy’s products, electronics, all gift baskets, Brand’s Products, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, infant formula and follow-up formula of baby milk powder, baby dietary supplement, cooking oil, cooking sugar, bill payment, prepaid card, gift voucher, drugstore, bookstore, rental shop, food court, Tops FLAVOUR, dining area at Central Food Hall and Segafredo Zanetti Espresso.
    • Central Food Retail Co., Ltd. reserves the right to decline to accept coupons which appear to have been reproduced or tampered with.
    • Central Food Retail Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice.
    • Central Food Retail Co., Ltd. reserves the right to approve the validity of a coupon.