SCB ตรุษจีนท็อปส์ ช็อปสุดเฮง

SCB BurnPoint19-LINE push 1040X1040 px (CMYK)
Get New Year 2019 Luck with up to 2019 baht Ang Pao cash back
Special privileges for SCB Credit Card available at all Central Food Hall, TOPs branches (except TOPs Online)
Period: 9 January 2019 – 28 February 2019   

Spend 1,200 baht/sales slip, get 50 baht cash back (Cash back limit is 250 baht/cardholder).
Special! Get in total 2,019 baht cash back when accumulating spending amounts to 15,000 baht/sales slip throughout the campaign (Limit 2,019 baht cash back per customer throughout the campaign.)

SMS Registration: Type TOPS, space, followed by the last 12-digits of your SCB credit card and send to 4545454
(SMS charges apply) Register only once throughout the campaign.
SCB PRIVATE BANKING do not require registration.


  1. Exclusive privileges available for all SCB credit cards, except corporate cards, when paying in full amount at all branches of Central Food hall, Tops, Tops Superkoom, and Tops Daily from 9 January – 28 February 2019 through SCB credit card. Get 50 baht cash back for every 1,200 baht spending amount / sales slip (Cash back limit 250 baht/customer).  When accumulating spending amounts to 15,000 baht/sale slip, get in total 2,019 baht cash back (Cash back limit 2,019 baht/customer throughout the campaign).
  2. The Bank will credit cash back to the qualified credit card account within 60 days of the ending date of the campaign.
  3. To be eligible, cardholders must send an SMS to register (SMS charge applies). Registration is required only once, and a reply message must be received as a confirmation. SCB PRIVATE BANKING and SCB M LEGEND credit cards do not require registration.
  4. Type TOPS, space, followed by the last 12-digits of SCB credit card number and send to 4545454.
  5. Eligible for payments using any SCB credit card at all branches of Central Food Hall, Tops, Tops Superkoom, and Tops Daily under MCC 5411 and 5499 on Visa and Mastercard system only (SCB 0% Dee Jung, purchase at tenant shops, online shopping, and canceled items are not eligible).
  6. Cash back cannot be transferred to others or exchanged or changed to cash or other items.
  7. Cardholders eligible for cash back must maintain valid membership status with normal card status, good payment record without default payment according to the Bank’s conditions, and never violate and/or breach any conditions of SCB credit card membership until receiving the cash back. The Bank has the right to revoke and/or recall the cash back in case it has found that the cardholders who received the cash back are not qualified or do not comply with the Bank’s terms and conditions.
  8. The Bank’s judgment is final in case of disputes, objections, or disagreements.
  9. This promotion is not eligible for transactions for commercial or business purposes.
  10. For more information, please contact the SCB Call Center by calling 02-777-7777.