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Tops, the leading supermarket in Thailand, sets customer satisfaction as its highest priority


Factors to success through 20 years in business:

Quality and Freshness
Tops promises to offer the most complete collection of the best quality products sourced from the World’s best origins to be the No.1 in customers’ hearts.

Tops is an award-winning brand, the first supermarket that emphasizes and guarantees freshness, accuracy, stock, satisfaction. Superbrands 2016, Thailand; Produce Retailer from Asia Fruit Award; and World Food Safety Excellence Award, Singapore are some Tops’ guarantees of excellence.

Being a leader in innovation, Tops persists to achieve the best to make shopping easier and more convenient to fit modern lifestyle. Tops provides QR codes that allow customers to trace its products, ActivePAK to prolong fruits and vegetables freshness, self-checkout counter, information screen at shelf, online shopping, as well as electronic payment (E-Signature).

Tops helps drive sustainable economy by aiming to provide income for local farmers. Through direct sourcing and product development, Tops helps in building a strong foundation for Thai farmers and Pracharat.

Tops, the leading supermarket in Thailand, sets customer satisfaction as its highest priority and invested 250 MB in the grand celebration of its 20th year anniversary; in activities and promotions for the celebration of Tops 20th Anniversary. “To show our sincerest appreciation and thank you to our valued customers, we have big surprises and rewards throughout the year such as ช็อปสนุกลุ้นสนั่น with prizes worth a total of 6 MB. There are 20 first prizes worth 200,000 Baht each and 100 second prizes worth 20,000 Baht each. Customers can enter for a chance to win simply by shopping at any Central Food Hall, Tops market and Tops SUPERSTORE at every 600 Baht; Tops Superkoom at every 300 Baht; Tops daily at every 200 Baht from 29 June – 23 August 2016.” The company also invested in a TVC production, “Tops 20 Years, 20 Voices,” print ads, billboard, in-store communication and various online channels.



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