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My Choice Natural Pork’s popularity among health-conscious consumers

My Choice Natural Pork’s popularity among health-conscious consumers.

Tops, Thailand’s leading premium supermarket, has been successful in selling natural pork under the brand Natural Meat. To mark its 10th anniversary, the brand highlights its three core values to ensure a delicious and healthy alternative. Its free range pork contains less fat, is free from toxic chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, and fed with a balanced herb diet.

         In 2008, our company partnered with Department of Livestock and pig farmers to introduce My Choice Natural Pork. Today, consumers are more conscious about the quality of ingredients. They look for taste, but also for quality and health benefits. Over the past decade, Natural Pork has been well-received thanks to its three main qualities. 1. The pigs are raised in a free range environment letting them live and roam naturally, as a result, the fat content in their meat is less than in typical pork (from the International Standards certified laboratory testing of pork loin and ham samples in June 2018). Consuming high-fat foods can raise cholesterol and possibility of heart disease. Then low-fat Natural Pork is another health alternative for consumers. 2. The pigs in a natural environment get to move around and are therefore stronger. They are raised without toxic chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, and are safer to consume. 3. They are fed with a balanced herb diet consisting of Fa thalai jon (Andrographis paniculata) which reduces bacterial growth and prevents common cold, Guava leaf which kills bacteria and viruses, Turmeric which boosts immunity and cleanses out toxins, Mangosteen peel which strengthens bones, and Wan chak mod luk (curcuma xanthorhiza) which promotes mother pigs’ reproductive health. In addition, customers can simply trace back our high standard food safety via QR code on each Natural Pork package which we collaboratively work this “Scan Me” project with Veterinary Public Health Office, Health Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

In result, Natural Pork products are low in fat and naturally delicious. It also smells fresher than typical pork.  Tops is committed to further and continuous studying nutritional aspects of free range pork, especially the fat level, for the benefits of consumers.

        Tops plans to develop greater welfare in pig farming business announcing full support to the campaign organized by World Animal Protection “Raise pigs right” and inviting pig farmers from around the country and the world to provide and select pork meat from farms with quality and welfare i.e., farms with enriched group housing practice where it allows sows to demonstrate their natural behaviours – turn around, move, rest comfortably or socialize with groups. We are targeting in Central Food Hall and Tops Market by 2027 that all pork meat will be supplied only by suppliers that adopt the practice of sows in enriched group housing.