Activity & Event

Celebrating the grand opening of Tops Plaza Singburi

Tops Plaza invests 500 million baht

to open in Singburi province with over 150  shops

Celebrating the grand opening with special prizes including a motorcycle


Central Food Retail Limited, operator of Thailand’s no.1 supermarket Tops introduce Tops Plaza Singburi. The venue brings together various products and services to Singburi locals and serves as a place for shopping and relaxation. Its launch will bring liveliness to the province’s economy, and increase employment with 800 positions. Tops Plaza Singburi also supports local communities in Singburi.  Singburi governor Mr. Chamnanwit Terat will preside over the official opening ceremony with the management team; Mr. Pascal Billaud, CEO of Central Food Retail Group, Mr. Alistair Taylor, President of Central Food Retail Co.,Ltd., Mr. Emmanuel Couronne, Executive Vice President of Central Food Retail Co.,Ltd.

        Ms. Wattinaporn Banthuchai, Vice President of Central Food Retail Company Limited, operator of Tops Plaza, said the company has invested 500 million baht in the launch of Tops Plaza Singburi. The new shopping venue will be a place where Singburi locals and visitors can come shop, socialize, and relax with over 150 shops. Located at 32 Bang Man sub-district, Muang district, it covers an area of 29 rai, with 12,000 square meters of retail space and a parking lot which can accommodate 600 motorcycles and 500 cars. The architecture is inspired by traditional Thai home in the region, with high ceiling and vibrant colors. The construction also minimizes the use of materials that pollute the air.


      “Tops Plaza brings together the best products and services for Singburi people so that they don’t have to travel far for shopping. We have Tops SUPERSTORE which covers an area of 5,000 square meters, offering high-quality products in various categories, such as grocery products, fruits and vegetables, meat, dry food, ingredients, ready-to-eat meals, consumer goods, appliances, kitchenware, home utensils, makeup and skincare, and many more, with over 20,000 choices on offer, available at a reasonable price. We also have specialty stores such as Supersport, Watsons, Daiso, B2S, Mr.DIY, and Moshi, restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Shabushi, MK, KFC, Waku Japanese, Café Amazon, Caffe Muanchon, and fashion stores such as AIIZ and Taywin. You can also shop at Robinson Lifestyle popup store where fashion products, makeup, and accessories are on offer with up 80% discount”

In addition to the launch of Tops Plaza Singburi, the company also supports local communities through “Tops for Local Sustainability” project, through which it buys products from local communities and high-potential community enterprises in Singburi, such as vegetables from organic vegetable farmers from Phromburi district, and processed catfish from Ban Tra Chu community enterprise, which receives support from Central Group in building a high-standard food processing building and tools for catfish processing.