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Carrying on with the ‘Centrality’ strategy, Central presents “Tops SUPERSTORE Nong-han”

Carrying on with the ‘Centrality’ strategy, Central presents
“Tops SUPERSTORE Nong-han” to upgrade Udon Thani to be both retail and wholesale hub of North Isan.


(11 August 2017; Udon Thani) To continue the ‘Centrality’ strategy, Tops allies with communities to create Udon Thani as the hub of retail and wholesale in north Isan (Northeastern Thailand), opening Tops SUPERSTORE in Nong-han, on a new economic road that connects domestic regions as well as neighboring economic zone. In addition, the superstore’s location which is  near important tourist attractions helps increase local employment while seeking local specialities and commodities for distribution in the branch.

Ms.Phattaraporn Phenpraphat, Executive Vice President– Marketing & Public Relations   of Central Food Retail Company Limited, revealed that Central Group has been carrying on the business strategy called “Centrality” according to which we comply with our policies to provide support and development to the communities by seeking famous specialties and commodities from each locality to sell in our superstore. We also plan to promote Udon Thani province to be the hub of retail and wholesale of the Northern zone of the Northeastern Thailand.


“Udon Thani province has a potential to be the center of retail and wholesale as it is located right in the center of North Isan and is also considered a door to Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Southern China, which is very economically important to the country’s investment and tourism. Furthermore, as Udon Thani is already the center of transportation and agriculture, it has a high capability to produce vegetables and fruits, contributing to high potential to be a agricultural products center of Isan.”



Miss Phattaraporn added that “the company sees Udon Thani’s capability to be the center of the region. We hence decided to open Tops SUPERSTORE in Nong-han, which is the second biggest district in the province after Mueang district. The store is situated on  Nityo Road in Nong-han sub-district, Nong-han, Udon Thani. It is the new economic road that links not only neighboring districts and provinces but also several tourist attractions in Northern Isan like Nong Bua Daeng district, Ban Chiang National Museum and Kham Chanod Forest. With its location, Nong-han district is expected to be able to accommodate tourists from many countries.

Tops SUPERSTORE Nong-han opens under the slogan “More Choices More Savings”. It covers the area of 7,000 Square Metre, 5,500 of which is for rent and the rest is a parking lot for up to 200 sedans and 300 motorcycles. The store itself is designed to be one-storey building with high roof and the decoration is inspired by the brown-toned architecture of Thai Isan style house. Also, it is constructed with eco-friendly method by reducing emission of air pollutants in order to preserve healthy and safe environment for the communities.




Moreover, we have selected a wide variety of high quality products and commodities, for example, fresh vegetables and fruits, meats, dried foods and raw material for cooking, electronic appliances, kitchen utensils, home decoration, cosmetics, etc. More than 20,000 goods are available in our superstore for Nong-han residents to conveniently do their grocery shopping in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Besides, there are many shops and restaurants at your service, namely KFC, Mister Donut, B2S, Mr.DIY, Daeng Namnuang, Echo Game, Kasikorn Thai Bank, Topcharoen, Oppo, Vivo, Health Up, Telewiz and Inthanin Coffee.

To create Tops SUPERSTORE Nong-ham as a new community mall for residents to hang out, the company has also allocated an activity area called “Larn-Muan” to serve villagers, government organisations, schools and product brands in setting up any activities and entertainment for Nong-han people. Nearby, there is a playground for children and family to spend a quality time together as well.



Apart from Nong-han branch, the company has a policy to extend development and support to other communities through many social responsibility projects such as opening an area in different branches to sell goods from local farmers,  continuing the campaign “Tops for Thai’s Agriculturers and Civil State” which aims to support thai agriculturers and enhance their sustainable living standard by selecting high quality community products like OTOPS and SMEs to distribute to many branches across the country and fund raising in order to donate all funds to Nong-han hospital for inpatient building construction and medical equipment. Anyway, the opening of Tops SUPERSTORE Nong-han has already created an increasing employment opportunity; up to 200 employees are hired.