My Choice Thai


Taste the crispiness and natural flavours of our carefully selected farm-fresh fruits dried using modern techniques. They are a delicious palette of flavours you won’t stop eating.


Fresh, high-quality ingredients are seasoned with family recipes handed down the generations to deliver the best and most unique snacking perfection.


Both adults and kids will love our smooth and tangy chewy toffee and candied fruits made naturally from the freshest ingredients with no artificials flavours.


Our range of deliciously crunchy and aromatic Thai coconut rolls, traditional Thai cookies and so much more delightful snacks are crafted from the finest quality ingredients and made following centuries-old traditions. Perfect for gifting.


Tamarinds from Petchabun province are of superior quality. The sweet-tart flesh is a natural laxative and contains high vitamin C content. To better suit the Thai taste, the tamarind is often made into dessert and candy; seasoned with special recipes for a balanced tangy taste.

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