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An exclusive night with Chef Ian Only at Central Food Hall @ Central Chidlom


14 Jun 2013

Central Food Hall @ Central Chidlom hosted an exclusive dining experience for a-list tasters and shoppers to meet with Chef Ian-Pongtawat Chalermkittichai, a renowned Chef known for his craft and finest selection of perfect materials. Chef Ian has been inspiring people in cooking and the night was made memorable with his creation of five elegant courses for important guests including Anurat- Chatchada Kongtoranin, Sayam-Christina Sethaputra, ML Pasan Sawasdiwat, Jaruwan Chivakasemsuk and Thitipong Lorprasert. This showcases a special meal that can only happen at Thailand’s world class food store “Central Food Hall” at Central Chidlom.

The 4,000 sq.m. area of Central Food Hall @ Central Chidlom offers a wide selections of finest cooking ingredients and products from around the world. The spectacular food haven is under the supervision of sourcing guru, Mr. Nick Reitmeier, Vice President – Buying International Food & Wine of Central Food Retail Company Limited to offer the food lovers and quality tasters the very best, Central Food Hall invited Chef Ian, who’s already a world-class chef, to prepare a 5-course meal for an exclusive sit-down dinner. Chef Ian started the course with Pan-Seared Hokkaido Scallops, Jalapeno Salsa and Chorizo, where the sweet savor of the scallops blended well with the hot Jalapeno salsa sauce. After that, Chef Ian offered a twist to sour taste and caviar in Caviar, Potato Mousseline, Sour Cream Sphere and Chives, followed by  Snow Queen Crab Tartar, Ranch Explosion and Crispy Feuille de Brick where he made a trick with the dry ice and called it “Crab-cano eruption”. When the hot mayonnaise touched the dry ice, the steam just fluttered like an active volcano. For the beef lover, the Grill Beef Sirloin, Wilted Spinach, Morel Emulsion, Jus de Boeuf should be one of his favorites and could not be missed. The sous-vide cooked organic Australian beef was perfect with its soft texture and smell like haven. Nuremberg sausages with Marjoram and Spinach simply made the menu perfect. Finally the course closed with chocolate desserts. The premium Chocolate Texturas, Flourless Chocolate cake, Cookie Crumbs, Chocolate Mouse and Fresh Berries were served in a chic wooden plate.

ML Pasan, a respected food taster, shared his memorable night “All five course created by Chef Ian were superb, from the starter of Hokkaido Scallop which were very fresh and sweet. The scallop and strong taste of Jalapeno were a perfect combination for the Thais. The second menu was interesting as it combined both Caviar and the sour cream sphere. Different textures made it unique.  It’s also good that Central Food Hall provides Texturas Mini Kit for people interested in chef cooking style to try their own recipes. For the organic beef in the main course, Chef Ian used Stock Merchant, the ready-made stock, and added with onions. This simply turned out to be a soft and delicious beef.”

Sayam-Christina Sethaputra, who both love to taste different kinds of food, said “Both of us love travelling and tasting the food. We would like to go to a small restaurant to taste real local food. If we go to Hokkaido, we love to have crabs and sushi, or have Udon in Fukuoka, for example. The Nuremberg sausages prepared by Chef Ian today are also a must if we are to visit Germany. These are original tastes that cannot be found elsewhere. The food makes our trip more enjoyable as well. Now with Central Food Hall, it’s very convenient to find the original delicacies around the world specially the organic products which we think Central Food Hall offers the most diverse choices than any other places!!”

Anurat- Chatchada Kongtoranin are known to be European lovers and prefer different tastes than Setabutr couple, said “We are most impressed with Lyon in France as it houses the highest number of Michelin star restaurants. For a full course French meal, there will be at least five courses similar to what Chef Ian has prepared for us today. It is impressive that every course is served with wine. It really boosted our appetites and brought out the taste.”

Come and taste the world-class delicacies by yourself at “Truly World Class” Central Food Hall, G Floor, Central Chidlom, today.

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